New Orleans Art

new_orleans_paintingHot, muggy, fun and spicy. This is a spot for romance, art, jazz, and Cajun everything! Each time I visit I can’t help but pig out. Good thing this is a town in which you can burn calories by getting to places on foot. The European influence is quiet heavy. All buildings are different and some have a unique story to tell. Eventually like every tourist I got sucked into checking a out a few eerie graveyards. I was surprised on how detailed the tombstones were. The above-ground cemeteries resemble a time in which New Orleans was under the Spanish rule. I must of overwhelmed my camera with pictures. The way the light was hitting the tombstones was magical. I decided to paint a few pieces to experiment with light and a new (to me that is) style. Below is the result…

street car new orleans

tomb stone new orleans