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Drying Time for Oil Paint

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Why wait weeks or months for oil paint to dry? It is so frustrating especially if you work in layers. At some point I was desperate enough to leave the painting on the sun. Big mistake! The paint cracked within hours and it ruined the piece. It stinks to have to lose momentum and sometimes even inspiration while waiting for the paint to dry. I have found a great solution, which only takes four to five hours to dry. The truth it was accidental and I didn’t even bother looking it up online. I used some grape seed oil from the kitchen to condition my brushes. After soaking them in the grape seed oil for a few minutes I mixed some of that oil with my titanium white (it usually takes decades to dry) and painted some parts on my painting. In a few hours I returned to the garage to move the painting and it struck me that I didn’t get dirty with the white paint. I touched it and it was completely dry. Not sure if it was humidity in the garage (since I live in humidville Florida) and grape seed oil combined or would it also work in a different environment with less humidity. After that “incident” I begun using grape seed oil to paint all my pieces. Not only does it clean and conditions your brushes but it also speeds up the drying process!


1. After you finish painting, clean your brushes with grape seed oil first and then water and soap. If you only use the oil  to clean them, your brushes will become sticky and you’ll have to trash them after.

2. Do no use safflower or poppy seed oil. They take very long to dry. Also avoid walnut oil, which dries faster than safflower or poppy, but slower than linseed.

3. Instead of titanium white try lead white and substitute ivory black with burnt amber, which will also dry faster. You can mix burnt umber with other dark colors to make it black.

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