Deep Blue

My First Triptych

We all see color in a different way and we attach our own symbolic meaning to it depending on our life experiences. A color can change our mood and take us back in time. Universally blue has a soothing psychological effect, when stressed out we take walks and admire the blue skies or water.

My “Deep Blue” piece is a photograph I took of an interior of a blue vase. Yeah, I know…who in the world cares what the inside of a vase looks like? Well I do and it somehow inspired me. I was so intrigued by the blue circles I ended up painting them. This painting truly sets my mind at ease and allows me to drift back to the days when we had some amazing sets rolling in during winter in Florida.

Four years after completing the painting I added a unique and playful texture to the triptych and got amazing feedback. Here are the before and after pics…

Deep Blue Deep Blue with Texture