Jellyfish Painting on Wood Panel

I built my first wood panel made of sturdiest birch. It’s so well put together that it can survive a drop, kick and whatever abuse you can do this painting.

This jellyfish painting is slightly different to my first one. It’s definitely larger in scale and the paint is an iridescent green. It glows no matter how the light hits it. Even in a dim room this piece glows. I’m amazed by the transparency and flexibility this paint allows. Pretty hooked on this iridescent green.


florida paintings

Acrylic Conch Painting

I absolutely love this Acrylic Conch Painting. We picked it up on a diving trip to Cat Cay Bahamas. I didn’t bleach the conch since I wanted to preserve it’s natural beauty. Honestly I’m not even sure why most people bleach sea shells. The bleach eats away the natural color of the shell and leaves it plain dull white.

This acrylic conch painting measures 30″ x 40″. The original sold already but prints of this painting are still available. Below are the pictures of progress and final piece.


new orleans

New Orleans Angels Painting

What a tough time I’m having photographing this piece. Paint is taking long to dry and every stroke is glowing in the photograph. This piece is a gift to a very special person in our family. I can’t wait to drop it off when it dries fully.

Angels Angels2


Abaco Wave

I went from despising acrylics to absolutely falling in love with these fast drying bright colors. Here’s a 15″x15″ painting I made last month. I took the picture in Elbow Cay during a small swell.

Abaco WaveAbaco Wave


Jelly Fish

Just sold the Jelly Fish. Acrylic on canvas 15″ x 15″.

The jelly fish have a glossy finish on each jelly making them appear wet and transparent in the water. The tentacles on the two big ones are intertwined forming a heart.

Jelly Fish Painting